Increase your venue's revenue by hosting concerts, festivals and trade shows while protecting your pitch with the temporary flooring systems preferred by the world's most prestigious stadiums. Signature offers a full range of modular flooring engineered to keep your natural or synthetic turf game-ready while providing a safe and attractive surface for thousands of guests, staging and equipment. Our stadium flooring systems are designed to accommodate the requirements of large events at any budget. Whether you are an arena manager looking to invest in temporary flooring that will allow you to host on-field events or an event producer looking to hire flooring for one-time use, Signature manufactures the perfect product for your specific needs. Ask about our turnkey hire services that include project management, logistics, installation and removal.


    ArmorDeck protects your pitch before, during, and after concerts

  • EVENTDECK® Our original stadium flooring product installs easily without tools and features integrated cable channels, optional drainage holes and safe transition edging. Suitable only for front of house pedestrian use, choose one of our more robust systems for more rigorous use.

  • ULTRADECK* This lightweight pedestrian flooring is available for both natural and synthetic surfaces and will protect your pitch from concert crowds in front of house areas. Quick and easy installation, integrated cable channels and reinforced ribbed construction make this stadium flooring as practical as it is affordable. Available for sale or hire.

  • EVENTDECK® ICE EventDeck Ice allows you to hold events at hockey arenas and skating rinks while maintaining the optimal temperature for your ice and guests alike. Our original ice rink cover installs quickly and easily without any special tools.

  • ARMORDECK™ Our top of the range stadium flooring system has set a new standard for temporary flooring. The natural grass version features aeration holes that encourage the health of your turf during on-field events and is also available with a translucent composition that allows sunlight to reach live grass. The self-aligning nesting connection system speeds installation once the first row is squared and locked together. These overlapping 1.14mē panels incorporate a liquid capture channel to keep spills and excessive rain from reaching the pitch while proprietary plastic cam locks form a secure connection at each side and corner to ensure a rigid contiguous surface. ArmorDeck can handle heavier weights than any other pedestrian surface and connects perfectly with ArmorDeck3, our vehicular version. A full range of accessories are available, including edge ramps, cable management panels and expansion joints.

  • ARMORDECK™3 ArmorDeck3 is built to withstand the heavy weights of staging, forklifts, lorries and light towers and connects seamlessly to the front of house standard ArmorDeck option. Avoid the inevitable trip hazards created by having separate front and back of house flooring systems while creating a more attractive surface suitable for high-end events.

  • ARMORDECK™ ICE Our premium ice rink cover allows lorries, lifts and thousands of people to traverse the ice and keep it ready for use immediately following events. The smooth underside distributes the heaviest weights while integrated liquid capture channels protects the ice from spills.


    Aluminium trackway and ArmorDeck 3 protect the Olympic running track during Opening Ceremonies set-up

  • DURADECK® DuraDeck heavy-duty trackway is the perfect solution for temporary roadways, back of house areas and temporary on-field access for cranes, lorries or other heavy equipment. Available with different levels of traction to suit your site and plant requirements, DuraDeck installs quickly using either of our solid steel connection systems or can be loose-laid for short term applications.

  • ALUMINIUM TRACKWAY Create heavy-duty roadways, staging platforms and back of house areas with the trackway system favoured by event professionals throughout Europe. Non-corrosive panels distribute heavy weights to minimize impact to soft surfaces.

* Signature Systems Group, LLC's UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.'s affiliates or subsidiaries.


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