The best way to transform a standard marquee into an original high-end environment is with a spectacular floor customised for your special event. Whether you are planning a small garden party or massive corporate event, Signature offers a broad range of fencing and flooring products that are engineered for safety, ground protection and aesthetics. With more than twenty years in the events and flooring industries, we understand the unique requirements and restrictions that event organisers face. We exist to make your job easier by providing the right flooring for your unique application, exactly when you need it without blowing your budget. Next time you are planning a wedding, garden party, festival or sporting event, call the only company that can cater to all your needs from trackway and subfloors to staging, carpet and dance floors. We offer turnkey hire services as well as sales and dry hire.

When it's time to party, why get your trackway, marquee floor, staging, dance floor and event fencing from five separate companies with five separate contracts and installation crews? Let Signature simplify your event plan by providing everything you need at one low price.



    DanceDeck portable dance floor at a marquee wedding

  • DANCEDECK® Our most affordable portable dance floor, DanceDeck polypropylene tiles with vinyl inlays are incredibly light, easy to clean and easy to install without tools or special skills. Use the black and/or white tiles to create a slick modern or fun retro look, or choose faux wood inlays for an upscale, more traditional style. At these prices, you can cover the entire marquee floor for an intimate, high-end look.

  • DANCEDECK® DELUXE Create a beautiful hardwood parquet dance floor that looks like it was hand crafted for your event but snaps together quickly without tools or skilled labour. Choose the wood stain that best suits your event and simply snap together the polypropylene bases to your exact specifications.


    ExpressDeck portable staging at a marquee seminar

  • EXPRESSDECK™ The easiest staging system to assemble, ExpressDeck allows you to erect a stage in minutes. Collapsible risers available in four heights support carpeted platforms that lock together on all four sides. Perfect for wedding dais or performances, this system is easy to transport and store.

  • ALPHADECK™ Our most versatile staging system AlphaDeck features two panel sizes and sturdy adjustable legs that let you create a multi-level stage on the fly. Perfect for weddings, performances and presentations, AlphaDeck is easily customised with carpet, vinyl or turf flooring. The marquee professional's choice is comprised of galvanized steel frames that lock together on all sides, painted plywood top deck, and optional telescoping legs with a full range of accessories and safety feature.


    UltraDeck marquee flooring as pathway at outdoor event

    Whether your guests are wearing trainers or stilettos, it's up to you to provide them with a safe and dry surface to stand on. Our interlocking modular flooring is designed to conform to slight ground undulations without causing unsightly bumps or trip hazards. We will gladly recommend the right product for your budget and the ground you are covering. Our tent flooring systems are simple to install, but we are happy to help whether or not you choose to use our crew. These labour-light flooring systems look great as is or can be used as stable temporary subflooring for carpet, turf and dance floors.

  • EVENTDECK® Our original outdoor event flooring is the most budget-friendly flooring designed to protect your guests and the ground from each other. Optional drainage holes allow rainwater and air to pass through so the grass will recover quickly while integrated cable channels let you electrify your marquee without dangerous and unsightly wires. Small panels are easily configured around poles and other obstacles. EventDeck accommodates foot traffic, tables and chairs, wheel chairs and rolling carts that aren't too heavily laden. Anything heavier, especially rolling loads require one of our stronger systems.

  • ULTRADECK* Lightweight UltraDeck is more robust than EventDeck but offers many of the same features including tool-free installation, integrated cable channels, optional drainage holes, and ramped transition edging. The larger panels present a smoother surface over slight ground undulations when compared with smaller paneled systems. UltraDeck can accommodate heavier rolling loads such as buggies and catering carts when laid over hard ground.

  • ARMORDECK™ Our top-of-the-range pedestrian flooring features large 1.14m² panels that lock together at each side and corner, making any patch of ground the perfect place for a party. Optional translucent plastic and drainage holes allow grass to continue to breathe and grow while low-profile traction nubs and a sandblasted surface will keep your guests firmly on their feet. Connect with ArmorDeck3 for a contiguous floor that meets varying weight bearing requirements. Depending on the ground conditions, ArmorDeck can accommodate buggies and limited forklift traffic as well as heavier static loads.

  • ARMORDECK™3 Heavy-duty marquee flooring that serves many purposes. These 1.14m² panels with a reinforced backing are perfect for mixed-use pathways or back of house areas and connect perfectly with ArmorDeck1 for a fully contiguous floor. ArmorDeck3 provides a stable base for heavy staging, equipment, and depending on the ground beneath can be used as a temporary roadway for cars, forklifts and lorries.



    DuraDeck trackway back of house at Hyde Park during the Olympics

  • DURADECK® DuraDeck mats are 1.22m x 2.44m sheets of incredibly strong and resilient HDPE that lock together using your choice of solid steel connection systems. You can also choose your traction pattern; aggressive for vehicular use and to grip the ground, pedestrian-friendly for mixed-use areas or over concrete, or a combination of both (aggressive on one side, pedestrian-friendly on the other). Create temporary roadways, back of house areas and work pads or use it under light towers, fence ballasts, staging and other heavy static weights to protect the ground and keep your equipment from sinking.

  • MEGADECK™ HD Just like it sounds, MegaDeck HD is our largest and strongest modular roadway system. It can handle the heaviest weights associated with cranes, lorries, staging and lighting equipment and provides an anti-slip surface free of trip hazards, making it the safest flooring for both pedestrian and heavy vehicular use. MegaDeck HD is ideal for temporary car parks, bus drop-offs and any applications involving oversized vehicular traffic.

  • ALUMINIUM trackway Aluminium trackway has long been the standard for outdoor events and temporary roadways. Our aluminium roadway system is the only one on the market with the option of an inverted connection system that leaves the surface smooth and free of trip hazards. Incredibly strong and non-corrosive, these 2.5m x 3m panels are perfect for roadways, under stages and lighting towers and any back of house application.

  • WOODEN ACCESS MATS Wooden access mats allow the heaviest cranes, lorries and equipment to access to your site. Create all-natural heavy-duty roads and car parks with the high-end look of hardwood.


    Signature Panel upscale event fence at a marquee event

  • SIGNATURE™ PANELS The most elegant way to separate your guests from the hoi polloi at your posh event, Signature Panels are attractive and practical. Available in your choice of style, they differ from other white event fences in that they are fully finished on all sides and connect quickly and easily without tools. Define your space with festive grace.

  • CROWDSTOPPER™ Also known as "bike rack" barricades, CrowdStopper barricades are the fast and easy way to delineate areas and direct the flow of traffic. They are extremely durable and easy to transport, set up and store.

  • ROTOCADE™ Rotocade plastic barricades are a fun, festive fencing product that can be partially filled with water for additional stability. They are ideal for parade routes, road races, or anywhere you require an easy way to funnel traffic in the right direction. Rotating feet allow for stackable storage and easy transportation.


    special event carpet at a black tie marquee event

  • PROLINE™ Add warmth and colour to your marquee events by covering your subfloor with ProLine ribbed needle punch carpet. Made specifically for use at events, this lightweight carpet is easily cut to accommodate poles and irregular shapes, has a fireproof backing, and is available in a broad range of colours to complement your decor

  • VALUE TURF™ Artificial turf is an affordable and trendy marquee flooring solution and is easily affixed to any of Signature's modular flooring or staging systems. Add texture and fun colours to any event without blowing your budget.

  • PREMIER TURF™ A thicker, more robust artificial turf product that will add life to any party. Premier Turf is equally suited to high end marquee events and casual outdoor parties and is perfect for the new trend of covering everything from chairs to vases to tent poles.

  • CUSTOM FLOORS Ask about our custom flooring and installation services. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

  • CUSTOM LOGO RUGS The perfect way to brand your event without using tacky decals and posters, custom logo rugs can feature any text or image you choose in any size, shape or colour. Create anything from a monogrammed wedding aisle runner to a branded red carpet entrance.

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