Step 1: Get a price quote

Please complete the Quote Request form or ring one of our sales representatives at +44 (0) 1642 744 990 (M-F 9-6 GMT). We do not quote prices on our website shipping prices will vary depending on the size of your order and your location.

Step 2: Review our policies and procedures and arrange for payment

Carefully review our Policies & Procedures before you order. You will need to arrange for payment of your order before we ship your order, so please make sure that you have reviewed and understand our payment terms and requirements.

Step 3: Sign, date and fax your quote

Once you've reviewed your quote, our policies, and arranged for payment, please sign, date and fax your quote back to us at + 44 (0) 1325 482 215.

Your signed quote is your official order, so keep it for your records. If you need to call us regarding your portable flooring order, please refer to your Quotation Number to expedite your inquiry.

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