Our range of lightweight temporary fencing will help you to manage the guests at your event and maintain an elegant aesthetic. Whether creating separate areas for a posh event or blocking off potential hazards on a construction site, Signature can provide the right event fence for your needs. Ring us today at +4 (0) 1642 744 990 to discuss your requirements and options.


    SignaturePanels add a touch of class to any event

  • SIGNATURE® PANELS The most elegant way to separate your guests from the hoi polloi at your high-end event, Signature Panels are attractive and practical. Available in your choice of style, they differ from other white event fences in that they are fully finished on all sides and connect quickly and easily without tools. Define your space with festive grace.


    CrowdStopper steel barricades are great for crowd control

  • CROWDSTOPPER® Also known as "bike rack" barricades, CrowdStopper barricades are the fast and easy way to delineate areas and direct the flow of traffic. They are extremely durable and easy to transport, set up and store.


    RotoCade plastic fencing is lightweight and attractive

  • ROTOCADE™ Rotocade plastic barricades are a fun, festive fencing product that can be partially filled with water for additional stability. They are ideal for parade routes, road races, or anywhere you require an easy way to funnel traffic in the right direction. Rotating feet allow for stackable storage and easy transportation.

  • Trafficade Trafficade plastic fencing helps you to direct traffic for everything from road works to special events. Add signage or reflective safety panels as well as optional HiVis anti-trip feet. These combined with its BS 7818 Specification for pedestrian restraint make TraffiCade the ideal fencing systems for large event management.


    Industrial Fencing

  • FortifiedFence Our FortifiedFence combines the best of plastic safety barricades and steel security fencing. Keep your equipment and work site secure and protect unwary pedestrians from wandering where they shouldn't. Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks.

  • aquacade II AquaCade II is a heavy-duty plastic barricade that can be filled with water to add extra weight and stability. Easily stacked for storage and transport, AquaCade II is easy to assemble and impossible to miss.

  • FlexiFence Secure your work site with this 2m high anti-climb fence. Link directly to existing steel mesh fencing or let it stand on its own. Lightweight but strong, FlexiFence is easily assembled by one person. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.

  • MiniCade MiniCade is a HiVis hinged barricade system that can be confiured to protect pedestrians from falling into open manholes or proect saplings from pedestrians. This small fence has big potential given how easy it is to move and carry. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.

  • FoldingCade FoldingCade is our most compact and lightweight folding fence system. The special hinge design creates strong connections while minimising lateral movement. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks, FoldingCade is available with optional rotating feet that can be positioned to prevent trip hazards.

  • Safetycade SafetyCade is our completely modular safety fencing that can be configured in innumerable layouts. The HiVis posts and relective facing alert drivers and pedestrians of hazards, both day and night. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.




    We serve the UK, Europe and Middle East and are here to help with all your flooring and fencing needs. This site is still under construction, but while we finish it up, please use the links below to our US Fencing at: http://www.signaturebarricades.com for in-depth product info or simply contact us directly.

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