Make your event more special with carpet, turf and custom floor coverings designed specifically for the events industry. Featuring indoor and outdoor carpet, environmentally responsible sourcing, fire proofing and special backing systems for temporary use, our full range of event carpet and turf will present several options for any style, colour or price point. Our American carpet and turf division is the premier event carpet company in the States and is delighted to now serve the UK, Europe, Asia and beyond. For decades our event fencing, carpet and custom creations have been the entertainment and sports events industries' choice for film premieres, high-end ballroom and marquee events, professional golf tournaments and the world's most prestigious awards ceremonies.


    Special Event Carpet adds luxy to any affair


  • PROLINE: ribbed needlepunch carpet This 3.5mm ribbed 100% polyproplylene fibre needle-punch carpet is a favourite for marquee events and trade fairs. Featuring a fireproof resin backing, ProLine installs easily and weighs just 320g / sq m. Available in 2m or 4m wide x 50m long rolls with custom cutting options at 10m, 20, 30m. Available in 35 saturated colours.

  • prostyle: HIGH Quality flat needle punch carpet This flat needlepunch carpet is a Continental favourite for trade fairs and exhibitions. Completely recyclable and soft to the touch, this carpet features a protective film backing and weighs only 300g / sq m. 50m rolls are available in 2m, 3m, and 4m widths and can be custom cut to 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m lengths

  • procord: budget friendly ribbed needlepunch carpetThis 3.5mm ribbed needlepunch floor covering is made from a mix of polypropylene and polyester fibres and features a fireproof resin backing. Weighing in at just 300g / sq m ProCord is ideally suited to mid-sized marquees. Available in 10 colours and 2m or 4m wide rolls. 50m long standard rolls can be custom cut to 10m, 20m, 30m or 40m lengths.

  • prochic: luxurious velour needlepunch carpet This deluxe 100% polypropylene needlepunch carpet features a fireproof precoat backing that allows the product to lay flatter and resist thermal expansion caused by the UK's ever-changing climate. This luxury event carpet weighs a hefty 950g / sq m and is available in 13 colours, wih another 26 in the works. 2m wide rolls can be custom cut to 10m and 20m lengths from the standard 30mm length.

  • proway: heavy-duty needlepunch carpet Our heavy-duty needlepunch carpet is ideally suited for long term marquee installations and contract carpet projects. Made from 100% polypropylene fibres, ProWay is back coated and weighs 750g / sq m. Excellent in high traffic areas and available in 6 dirt-concealing colours. 30m rolls can be custom cut to 10m and 20m lengths and are available in 2m and 4m widths.

  • red CARPET RUNNERS: MAKE YOUR ENTRANCE GRAND Our red carpet runners are made from homogenous needlepunch carpet. The 1m wide rolls are 50m long and can be cut to lengths in increments of 1.33m. Perfect for marquees, weddings, and exhibitions.


    Synthetic grass is a beautiful alternative to carpet

  • VALUE TURF: low pile artificial turf This 4mm 1/8 gauge artificial turf is made from UV stabilized 100% polypropylene materials. This short pile tufted artifical grass is ideal for oudoor events (not suitable for indoor events) and is available in 1m, 2m, and 4m wide rolls.

  • PREMIER TURF This 7mm high5/32 gauge tufted short pile artificial grass is fire certified, making it ideal for indoor events. Featuring a black latex backing, Premier Turf weighs 1055g / sq m and is available in 2m and 4m wide rolls.

  • SYNTHETIC GRASS We are happy to provide a full range of artificial grass from putting green to garden lengthsIt loos and feels like real grass, but requires no maintenance.


    We serve the UK, Europe and Middle East and are here to help with all your flooring and fencing needs. This site is still under construction, but while we finish it up, please use the links below to our US Fencing at: http://www.signaturebarricades.com for in-depth product info or simply contact us directly.