Attract more clients or improve your team's performance with professional grade attractive sports flooring from Signature. A world leader in athletic flooring, we can provide several flooring options tailored to your particular requirements and budget. From rolled vinyl engineered specifically for indoor sports performance to Olympic quality running tracks, hardwood gymnasium floors, wet area and changing room flooring, the Signature sports flooring experts will work with your architect or facility manager to assess your specific needs, perform moisture tests, and plan installation to minimize disruption to your regular operations.


    SignaFlex rolled vinyl flooring provides a padded antimicrobial surface

  • SIGNAFLEX ROLLED VINYL FLOORING Our premium rolled vinyl sports flooring is engineered to provide ideal coefficient of friction, shock absorption and ball bounce. Its padded backing and antimicrobial surface make it a popular choice for aerobics and yoga studios as well as netball and volleyball courts. Choose a simulated wood or solid color finish and regulation lines for any combination of games.


    RubberDeck Super Tile is perfect for weight rooms

  • RUBBERDECK PRESSED RUBBER Rolls Ideal for weight rooms, cardio equipment spaces and ice rink surrounds, this rubber flooring is spike and dent resistant, shock and sound absorptive and easy to clean and maintain. Standard rolls measure 1.25m x 10m (longer rolls are available) and your choice of thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm.

  • RUBBERDECK PRESSED RUBBER puzzle tiles Incredibly easy to install without any tools, adhesives, or special skills, RubberDeck puzzle tiles are a convenient spike and dent resistant sports flooring option. Popular for weight rooms, equipment rooms, and anywhere a cushioning sound-absorbing floor is desired. Interlocking tiles measure 57cm x 57cm x 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm.

  • RUBBERDECK supertile This heavy-duty rubber flooring produc can be installed permanently or as a floating floor. Comprised of pressed rubber granuales and EPDM flecs, this dent resistant sound absorbing flooring is both economical and environmentally friendly. Tiles measure 1m x 0.5m x 27mm and are ideal for fitness club weight or equipment rooms as well as physiotherapy centres and child care facilities.

  • TRACKDECK PREMIUM ROLLED RUBBER GYM FLOORING This rolled rubber flooring was originally designed specifically for indoor running tracks, but also provides ideal force reduction and ball rebound for games areas and full gymnasiums. Fully customisable with a broad range of colours and demarcation, TrackDeck is an excellent choice for multipurpose facilities, gymnasiums and of course, indoor running tracks. Available in three thicknesses to suit your particular usage.


    SignaFlor pad and pour flooring is completely customisable

  • SIGNAFLOR PAD AND POUR GYMNASIUM FLOORING Our pad and pour gym floor is one of the most durable and easily maintained gymnasium flooring products with infinite customisation options. Specially engineered copolymers in your choice of colours are poured over a thick layer of recycled tyre rubber to optimum performance specifications. The hardy surface wear layers are easily repoured periodically in heavy traffic areas, extending the life of your floor. Perfect for games courts and multipurpose areas in schools and fitness centres.


    TempoTile interlocking plastic tiles create high performance temporary sports floors

  • TEMPOTILE INTERLOCKING PLASTIC TILES Create a temporary or permanent gymnasium floor with these brightly coloured interlocking plastic tiles. Easily connected and dismantled without tools or special skills, TempTiles allow you to create a high performance practice or competition surface just about anywhere. Also available with drainage grids for wet area or outdoor use, use TempoTile to create outdoor tennis courts or to create a sanitary shower room floor.


    SignaWood beech wood flooring is ideal for all types of athletic flooring


  • SIGNAWOOD PREMIUM HARDWOOD GYMNASIUMS Our premium hardwood gymnasium flooring is made from ethically-sourced Danish beech which is superior to the industry standard maple in many ways. Boards arrive at your facility prefinished with pure polyurethane, reducing installation time and eliminating the need to allow planks to acclimatise. Create stunningly attractive professional grade game courts and customise with regulation demarcation for netball, volleyball, basketball or any combination of sport you host.


    CarpetDeck protects your gym floor during special events

  • CARPETDECK FLOATING CARPET TILES Increase your facility's revenue while protecting your competition surface during special events and performances. These large carpet tiles have a non-skid backing that eliminates curling and the need for a connection system. Simply lay CarpetDeck tiles next to each other to create an attractive sound-dampening surface that will transform your gymnasium into a truly multipurpose facility.

  • GYMDECK PROTECTIVE GYM FLOOR COVER Protect your gym floor during special events with these large lightweight plastic panels designed specifically to create multi-use areas. These non-slip black panels have a puzzle connection system and create an elegant seamless surface appropriate for casual and high-end events.


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