Signature is proud to provide portable roadways, temporary flooring and access mats for the energy, shoring and construction industries as well as military deployments and disaster relief operations. Whenever you need to take your equipment and personnel off the beaten track, Signature is there to pave the way with modular solutions to suit your specific requirements. Our full range of access products are engineered to the highest standard and field tested by industry professionals. From outrigger pads to complete turnkey base camps, Signature will help you access the toughest terrain in any climate.


    MegaDeck HD composite rig mat used by for energy exploration

  • DURADECK® Our most versatile product line, DuraDeck can be used and reused to form temporary roadways, working platforms, tent flooring, drill rigs, crane mats, access mats and so much more. These 1.22m x 2.44m (other sizes available) sheets of extra strong HDPE can support up to 390,592kg/m˛ (static load over solid sub-surface) and flex slightly to accommodate ground undulations. Several different surface textures are available, depending on the ground conditions and the type of traffic you expect. The mats can be loose-laid or you have a choice of two solid steel connection systems to fully customize your installation. Available for sale or hire.

  • MEGADECK® HD MegaDeck® HD composite matting is the most advanced engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. Utilizing our in-house proprietary manufacturing process, the new and improved MegaDeck HD mat is now the most sophisticated, yet simple, access matting -- designed specifically to streamline worksite setup/dismantle, protect personnel, equipment and sensitive environments. This heavy-duty large-panel composite system can also be used to create a stable and hygienic portable roadway anywhere in the world, regardless of climate or terrain.

  • ALUMINIUM TRACKWAY Our aluminium trackway panels (2.5m x 3m) have been designed to offer substantial grip to large rubber-tyre vehicles whilst retaining a pedestrian friendly, anti slip/trip surface. Ideal for use as temporary roadways, work pads and crane platforms. Our trackway systems are available for hire only.

  • WOODEN ACCESS MATS Use wooden access mats to traverse soft, uneven ground, build work pads or create any surface that requires extra heavy loads to cross tricky terrain. Available for hire only.


    SignaTac II used to firm soil in shelter marquee

  • SIGNATAC II™ Stabilise soil to prevent erosion and control dust with this non-toxic and environmentally safe acrylic polymer. Simply spray the SignaTac over a sandy surface and wait while the particles bind together to form a solid base capable of supporting heavy rolling loads. Maximise your trackway or flooring's weight bearing properties while reducing the risk of rutting and wash-boarding. If not reapplied, SignaTac II will dissolve completely in 12-24 months without leaving any residue or harmful chemicals.

  • MEGAGRID™ This porous paving system is a quick, easy and affordable means to create a strong, stable surface for car parks, driveways, pathways, and outdoor seating areas. Simply lay the grid in the desired configuration and fill with aggregate, sand or grass.


    UltraDeck used as floor for barracks tent

  • EVENTDECK® Easy and affordable tent flooring deploys quickly without tools or special training. Small (30.48cm x 10.16cm) interlocking tiles are easily configured around poles. Available for sale only.

  • ULTRADECK* Lightweight interlocking tent flooring ideal for military shelters and disaster relief centres is deployed quickly without tools and is easily palletised for transport. 30.48cm x 60.96cm tiles can support up to 97,648kg/m˛ static weight over hard subsurfaces. Available for sale or hire.

  • ARMORDECK™ Our strongest shelter flooring system is ideal for long term deployments or operations that require heavy point-loading capabilities. 1.067m x 1.067m panels deploy quickly and lock together at all four sides and corners to ensure a flat surface throughout the installation. Standard ArmorDeck1 connects with heavy-duty ArmorDeck3 for heavy equipment areas or connecting pedestrian and vehicular areas. Also available with engineered cable channels to safely run cords through the floor. Available for sale or hire.


    ExpressDeck creates a sturdy mobile tactical command platform

  • ALPHADECK™ Create a tiered floor surface over varied terrain in virtually any configuration to maximize line-of-sight and organize personnel and work stations. Each platform consists of a galvanized steel frame and a removable plywood deck insert. Platform heights are fully adjustable from 10.16cm to 121.92cm and can be equipped with cable access holes.

  • EXPRESSDECK™ This heavy-duty staging system deploys rapidly and packs neatly into convenient travel cases. Mix and match 121.92cm x 121.92cm platforms with 4 different height riser legs to create a sturdy, custom command post. Order in convenient kits or as individual modules and complete your system with stairs, guard rails, skirting, and travel cases.



  • TURNKEY BASECAMPS Signature can erect complete 10,000 man base camps anywhere in the world in as little as 48 hours. We have provided disaster-relief, military base camps, and refugee shelters for global relief efforts such as Hurricane Katrina in the US and Hurricane Ike in Haiti. We have provided shelter flooring for military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


    Industrial Fencing

  • Trafficade Trafficade plasti c fencing helps you to direct traffic for everything from road works to special events. Add signage or reflective safety panels as well as optional HiVis anti-trip feet. These combined with its BS 7818 Specification for pedestrian restraint make TraffiCade the ideal fencing systems for large event management.

  • FortifiedFence Our FortifiedFence combines the best of plastic safety barricades and steel security fencing. Keep your equipment and work site secure and protect unwary pedestrians from wandering where they shouldn't. Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks.

  • aquacade AquaCade is a heavy-duty plastic barricade that can be filled with water to add extra weight and stability. Easily stacked for storage and transport, AquaCade is easy to assemble and impossible to miss.

  • FlexiFence Secure your work site with this 2m high anti-climb fence. Link directly to existing steel mesh fencing or let it stand on its own. Lightweight but strong, FlexiFence is easily assembled by one person. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.

  • MiniCade MiniCade is a HiVis hinged barricade system that can be confiured to protect pedestrians from falling into open manholes or proect saplings from pedestrians. This small fence has big potential given how easy it is to move and carry. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.

  • FoldingCade FoldingCade is our most compact and lightweight folding fence system. The special hinge design creates strong connections while minimising lateral movement. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks, FoldingCade is available with optional rotating feet that can be positioned to prevent trip hazards.

  • Safetycade SafetyCade is our completely modular safety fencing that can be configured in innumerable layouts. The HiVis posts and relective facing alert drivers and pedestrians of hazards, both day and night. Compliant with Section 8 Streetworks.

* Signature Systems Group, LLC's UltraDeck products are not in any way affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Menard, Inc. or any of Menard, Inc.'s affiliates or subsidiaries.


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