Whether you require trackway, stadium turf protection, access mats or temporary roadways for a day, a week, a month or more, our project management team will take care of everything from delivery logistics through installation and removal. If you prefer to do it yourself, dry hire is also available.


Crowd Control Made Easy

Control crowds, delineate areas and direct traffic with our range of lightweight portable fencing and barricades for every purpose from road works to high end special events.




Official suppliers of vehicular and pedestrian trackway (Olympic Venues) for the London 2012 Olympics!




Signature (Fencing and Flooring) Systems Europe Ltd. is a division of Signature Systems Group LLC, providing modular flooring and fencing products for temporary and permanent use to the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and beyond. Our Marquee and Special Event products are ideal for: Event Producers, Wedding Planners, Outdoor Venues, Festival Organisers, Marquee Hire Companies, Athletic Tournaments, Special Event Suppliers and Dance Competitions.Our Stadium and Arena products are engineered for: Stadium Managers, Arena Managers, Event Producers, Festival Organisers, Concert Producers, Staging Companies and Lighting Companies. Our Industrial and Military products are used all over the world by: Construction Companies, Oil and Gas Drilling Companies, Military Training and Outposts, Disaster Relief Workers, Trenching and Shoring Companies, Utility Companies, Wind Farms and Site Remediation / Environmental Organisations. Our Event Carpet & Turf products are favoured by: Televised Awards Shows, Film Premieres, Event Producers, Wedding Planners, Marquee Hire Companies, Athletic Tournaments, Pop-up Shops and High-end Venue Managers. Our exhibition and trade fair flooring products are designed and manufactured for: Exhibition Stand Designers, Trade Fair Exhibitors, Expo Centres, Exhibit Halls, Display Designers, Exhibit Technicians and Trade Show Suppliers. Our Sports Flooring Division provides every type of flooring required by: Fitness Centres, Gymnasiums, Professional Sports Complexes, Yoga & Pilates Studios, University Athletic Centres, P.E. Directors, Training Venues and Leisure Clubs.



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